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To Space And Back In Perfect Silence

On the 19th of February, 2020, history was rewritten as Mission 100kft deployed our payload using a weather balloon

from the launch site at CUSAT and retrieved it successfully in the presence of our Chief Guest, Dr.G Madhavan Nair.

We repeated the same on the next day, 20th February 2020 and attained a peak altitude of 181,433.627 ft (55.3 km).

The launches carried out on consecutive days were a complete success with us being able to retrieve the payload

both times smoothly. The live mission control was a one of a kind experience for the visitors including students of

various schools and colleges. 

We thank all the people who supported us in this venture from the bottom of our hearts. These successes would not

have been possible without you. As Mission 100kft evolves to move on to bigger and better things, we hope that you

will continue on this wonderful journey with us. 


Hoping we always have your support,to space and back.



Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research (ACARR)

Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research (ACARR) is to pursue internationally leading research in atmospheric science in the tropical monsoon area and to develop sophisticated observational and modeling capabilities in the troposphere and stratosphere for the accurate prediction of Indian monsoon system. Aim of establishing the Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research (ACARR) in Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) is to provide advanced techniques to monitor the Earth’s atmosphere, including highly sophisticated radar, LIDAR, SODAR, GPS sonde, flux measurement systems, integrated sounding systems, etc. These facilities allow investigators, mainly Indian scientists, get the detailed information and necessary data for their research programs and can incorporate in numerical weather prediction techniques.



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